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Family Law

Your relationships. Your finances. Your children. Family law deals with the most important aspects of your life. Unfortunately, what you care about the most can be jeopardized when they become part of a legal case.  

Tehan understands how difficult the end of a marriage or relationship can be. She will make sure your interests are protected and that your future is secure. Children are the most important part of a parent’s life, and Tehan will fight hard to make sure that you have the time you want and need with your children.


Whether you need to divide assets or divide how children will spend their time, Tehan is the attorney to assist you. Tehan is here to help you through this difficult time in your life.


Tehan can help you protect what is most important to you, including:



Post-Adoption Contact Agreements


Child Custody


Child Support


Dependency/Child Protective Services


Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements


Protection Orders for Domestic Violence, Stalking or Harassment 


Termination of Parental Rights 

Protect what is most important to you--

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Criminial Defense
Tehan Slocum Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal charge or knowing that you may be charged with a crime is a terrifying experience.

Tehan is an experienced and tough attorney who will stand by your side from pre-arrest investigation through trial. After working for eight years at the Alternate Public Defender’s Office, Tehan is an aggressive litigator with the trial experience that criminal defense attorneys need. She is ready to fight for your rights no matter where you are in the criminal process.


Tehan understands how much being charged criminally changes your life and how a criminal conviction impacts the rest of your life. She will stand by you and help you through this stressful and difficult time. Tehan will fully explain and make sure you understand the criminal process, the charge or charges you are facing, and all possible defenses that are open to you.


Tehan can represent you in your defense against:


Traffic Violations

Juvenile Delinquency


All Misdemeanors, including:

  • DUI                     

  • Domestic Battery

All Gross Misdemeanors

Felony Drug Offenses

Felony Property Crimes

Felony Violent Crimes

Protect your rights--

contact Tehan today!

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