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Attorney Tehan Slocum brings you her commitment to justice, her passion for the law, and her drive for success.


Tehan has practiced law in Reno, Nevada since 2006. She spent over eight years practicing law as a Deputy Attorney for the Washoe County Alternate Public Defender’s Office. She specialized in both family law and criminal law.


Tehan was responsible for defending people charged with crimes ranging from disturbing the peace to murder. She advocated for the rights of parents who had their children removed from them by the government. She also represented people assigned to Washoe County’s specialty court programs, including Adult Drug Court,  Diversion Court, Mental Health Court, and Family Drug Court.


As an attorney with the Alternate Public Defender’s office, Tehan appeared in court almost every day for her clients. While many attorneys lack litigation experience, Tehan has tried many different types of cases and has gained important trial experience to navigate any courtroom situation.


Tehan was selected as a Wayne Morse Fellow for the first two years of law school, and as a Child Advocacy Fellow her final year.  She received scholarships for her academic achievement and volunteer contributions to the community. She clerked at the Oregon Department of Justice for two years. In her final year, she participated in a domestic violence clinic.


Tehan’s life and work before becoming an attorney provide her with the insight and sensitivity to work with people who are in the middle of incredibly challenging circumstances. She was selected to join Teach for America, which assigned her to teach elementary school in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. where she taught for five years. Prior to teaching, Tehan worked as a mental health coordinator and an outdoor educator.

Tehan became a lawyer because she wanted to help her students and their families on a broader scale. Her experiences in life and as a lawyer enhance her knowledge and ability to help people who are facing hard times.


Tehan Slocum is an experienced attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights and stand by your side throughout your legal challenges.

Tehan Slocum


Columbia University, New York with honors

University of Oregon, School of Law

Bar Number: 10226
Admittance: 10/17/2006

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